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2-8: Course Fees

Issued: 6-96
Revised: 9-01


The purpose of this policy is to specify the rules regarding the establishment and charging of course fees for instructional programs in the Education and General Fund.


When students pay tuition, they are paying for routine classroom cost such as photcopying, supplies, most field trips and speakers. The goal of this policy is to bring the College into compliance with the CCHE Tuition and Fee Policy passed on May 5, 1994, which requires each institution to "develop and maintain, in consultation with the student government, an Institutional Fee Plan." Except for course fees that have been approved by Fort Lewis College and the State Board of Agriculture, a student cannot be assessed any additional course-related charges.

Any books, manuals, computer disks, art supplies, etc. that a student needs for a class must be purchased through a retail vendor (usually the Fort Lewis College Bookstore). Departments using proprietary manuals for classes must have the manuals sold through the FLC Bookstore. Faculty and staff are not authorized to collect money from students for any purpose related to instruction.

In instances where course fees must be assessed to cover rental of non-academic facilities, special equipment or materials, certain field trips, expendable materials, or other unusual costs not covered by tuition, the course fee must be approved in accordance with the terms of the Fort Lewis College Institutional Fee Plan.


This policy was approved by the Administrative Cabinet on March 14, 1996. The Fort Lewis College Institutional Fee Plan was approved by the State Board of Agriculture on March 14, 2001.