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9-11: Special Events Support

Issued: 10-00
Revised: 07-11 


To identify and manage the support of Special Events provided by Physical Plant Services (PPS).  Approved by the President's Cabinet.


To establish a systematic means to provide support for Special Events and identify those Special Events that will be supported at no charge as well as establish rate schedules for unsupported Special Events.


A. Supported Events: No Charge

For those events listed below, there will be no charge for delivery and set up as long as the events are held on the FLC campus and equipment is returned undamaged and in clean, presentable condition.

Convocation and Graduation

Project clean entryways and foyer.  Cover the center court with tarp.  Hang backdrop curtain.  Set up stage and VIP sections.  Set-up chairs according to drawings.  Set-up chairs, stands and instruments for band.  Set-up for reception.  Set-up tents, tables and chairs for Convocation Picnic.  Provide two custodians during ceremony.  Provide two grounds workers for litter pick-up before ceremony.  Clean up after event (including picnic) and put materials away.


Dig bonfire pit and provide risers for band. Clean up after bonfire and backfill bonfire pit.  Set-up tents, tables and chairs for tailgate party.  Clean up after tailgate party on Saturday following the game.  Deliver and set up risers for dance.

Hozhoni Days Powwow

Cover center and south courts with tarps.  Deliver chairs, tables, and risers.  Provide two custodians during event.  Pick up chairs, tables and risers.  Clean tarps and put away after the event. Putting out and retracting bleachers on one side.

Regular Season Varsity Sports Games

  • Football-Mow field.  Attach goal-post streamers.  Paint field with out-of-bounds lines, yard lines, yard numbers and hash marks.  Paint Skyhawk logo in center of field and NCAA logo on north 20 yard line.  Set up tent for Talon Club and Tent for Presidentâ¿¿s Club.  Provide one custodian to clean restrooms during game.  Pick up trash after game.
  • Soccer-Mow field.  Paint white lines for field layout and yellow lines for crowd control.  Set up hospitality tent.  Pick up trash after game.
  • Softball-Mow grass and paint foul line in outfield.  Line field in morning before first game.  Pick up trash after games.
  • Lacrosse- Mow grass and line field.  Pick up trash after game.
  • Basketball-Prepare court for game.  Provide one custodian during game and clean up after games.
  • Volleyball- Prepare court for game.  Provide one custodian during game and clean up after games.

Support for pre-season and post-season events will be billed for cost of material and labor.


Set-up tables and chairs for check-in. Set-up tents for check-in. Deliver tables & chairs for the following sessions:  Community Service Fair, Student Services Fair.

Addition of New Supported Events

New events to be supported by the College at no-charge will be added to this policy only after approval by the Presidentâ¿¿s Cabinet and identification of a funding source to cover all additional costs incurred by Physical Plant Services. 

All services added to the above events will be charged for materials and labor.


B. Non-Supported Events: Charge

  • All events except those listed above will be charged for materials and labor for all services provided by PPS.
  • Delivery and/or set up of FLC event equipment for FLC will be billed at the current labor rates for the shop involved, plus a rental charge for wear on equipment.  After hours and weekend support will be charged at the overtime rate.
  • All equipment and/or service requests must be reserved in the Resource 25 event scheduling system at least two weeks in advance of the event to allow for scheduling of PPS resources.  Late requests may not be accommodated or may incur overtime charges.
  • FLC users/requestors are allowed to pick up and return event equipment at no labor charge from the PPS for College events.  The normal College rental rate will apply.
  • Other governmental entities may rent equipment at the normal College rate.
  • All non College users/functions will be charged a commercial rate for the rental of equipment.
  • All equipment must be returned:
    - Undamaged
    - In clean and presentable condition
    - Stacked in an approved way for storage

 Exceptions to the above must be approved through the Presidentâ¿¿s Office.

C.  Tents:

To avoid damage to campus utilities including irrigation lines, any tents erected on campus that require stakes or poles to be driven into the ground more than six inches will require supervision of PPS grounds and maintenance staff and must have written approval from PPS prior to erecting the tent.  Stakes or poles of any length may not be driven into asphalt parking lots.  A blanket approval may be granted for repetitive events in designated areas.  The person or department responsible for erecting a tent will also be responsible for any damages to campus facilities.  See PPS policy 9-2 for additional information on Physical Plant Policies.