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9-10: Chalk/Markers for Classrooms

 Issued: 10-98


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for providing chalk, markers and erasers for the campus classrooms.


A. All chalkboards and dry-erase boards will be cleaned daily in the appropriate fashion (i.e. cloth and eraser block for chalkboards; damp cloth for dry-erase boards).

B. Each classroom will be provided with one piece of chalk for chalk boards and one black marker for dry erase boards.

C. Custodians will check each classroom on a daily basis and provide/replace chalk, markers and erasers as needed.

D. Chalk, markers and erasers will be stored with other custodial supplies in the appropriate custodial closet for each building.

E. The department secretaries will also have chalk and markers available for general use.

F. All custodians will requisition appropriate materials from Central Stores, through their immediate supervisors as needed.