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Providing Services in an Inaccessible Space 

Policy Summary

Procedure for making services/programs/activities accessible to all qualified individuals regardless of their physical abilities when the services/programs/activities are housed, even temporarily, in an inaccessible space.

Policy Owner

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Approval Date

October 7, 2015

Effective Date

October 7, 2015

Search Terms

pvpaa, p, i, inaccessible, space, ada

Scheduled for Review

Fall 2020

Policy Statement

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became a law in 1990.  Some areas on the campus remain inaccessible for various reasons.

ADA requires that all services/programs/activities, not all buildings and spaces, must be accessible for all people.  Therefore, when the College provides services/programs/activities from a space that is not accessible (e.g., the second floor of the Miller Student Services), alternatives to structural changes may be provided in order to achieve accessibility to services/programs/activities.  The alternative should pose as few obstacles, as feasible, to the individual who is seeking services/programs/activities; however, an accessible location can be in the same building or another building. 

An example of a reasonable accommodation is:

  • Provide signs outside the inaccessible space directing people to a phone line or an accessible space where they can obtain the information and/or receive the services/programs/activities they seek.

When choosing a method of providing program access, priority must be given to the one that results in the most integrated setting appropriate to encourage interaction among all users, including individuals with disabilities.

Reason for Policy 

If a building or a space in a building is inaccessible, even temporarily, the services/programs/activities housed in the inaccessible space must provide an alternative way to provide the services.


For following policy:  All cost center directors

For enforcement of policy:  Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President for Finance and Administration

For oversight of policy:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

For notification of policy:  Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing policy:  President, Provost, Vice President for Finance & Administration, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Vice President for Advancement

Revision History

This policy was originally approved in July 1991 and revised July 1998 as "5-9 Accessibility Procedures - Residence Life." This replacement policy expands the scope to all service/programs/activities and provides guidance on providing reasonable accommodations.