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Academic Policies

Policies related to
teaching, learning and
scholarly activities.

Advancement Policies

Policies related to
capital campaigns, other
fundraising and alumni

Athletic Policies

Policies related to
varsity athletics, club,
and intramural sports.

Business and Finance PoliciesBusiness and Finance PoliciesImage Added

Policies related to
accounting, budget,
finance, purchasing
and travel.

Enrollment Management Policies

Policies related to
admissions, advising,
financial aid, scholarships,
academic records
and registration.

Ethical and Responsible Conduct PoliciesEthical and Responsible Conduct PoliciesImage Added

Quick guide to anti-
discrimination, and
ethical and responsible
conduct policies for
employees, students,
and vendors.

Facilities and Physical Plant PoliciesFacilities and Physical Plant PoliciesImage Added

Policies related to 
grounds, buildings, 
and Physical
Plant Services.

Governance Policies

Board of Trustees,
administrative, faculty,
and student governance

Policies related to the
institution's computer

Policies related to the
institution's marketing
and communication.  

Policies related to  
operational areas that  
have not been otherwise  
categorized in the Policy  

Policies related to faculty, 
staff, and student  

Policies related to the  
 institution's obligation

for and commitment to 

Safety and Health PoliciesImage Added

Policies related to
safety and health on
campus.Student Policies and Procedures

Image Added

Student Handbook
and policies and
procedures of direct
relevance to students.