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Individual and Independent Study

Departmental Individual Study (299) and Independent Study (499) courses are student learning experiences structured and supervised by a faculty member. Students formally enroll during the period of research or independent study. Individual and Independent Study courses should be completed in the term in which they are approved.

The number of credits earned for an Individual or Independent Study course is based on the number of hours the student will take to complete it. Students will complete a minimum of 50 hours of work for each credit hour earned. The appropriate number of credit hours will be determined by the instructor of record who will also document that the student completed those hours. A maximum of eight credits of departmental 299/499 courses will count toward a baccalaureate degree. Prior approval to assure that the independent project is commensurate with the proposed number of credits will be given by the instructor, department chair or program director, and dean of the school.

Procedures to Register for Individual and Independent Study

  1. Student and instructor complete the form: Independent/Individualized Study Learning Plan (299/499)
  2. The student obtains the department chair or program director approval.
  3. The student takes the form to the appropriate dean’s office for approval.
  4. Registration must be completed by Census Date.

If approved,

  1. The dean’s office will initiate registration by emailing the Registrar’s Office.
  2. The Registrar’s Office will register the student in the course and confirm registration via email to the student, the instructor, and the dean’s office.


  1. Inform the student via email of any additional requirements before registration can be completed (such as removal of holds).
  2. The Registrar’s Office will also inform both the instructor and the dean’s office of a student’s failure to successfully register.

Students should confirm registration via their WebOPUS account.