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I. Purpose

Planning and coordination are essential to successful fundraising efforts and to avoiding duplication in approaching potential donors in the name of the College. To preserve Fort Lewis College's credibility among its financial supporters, as well as to optimize resources, this policy will serve to govern all private fundraising on behalf of Fort Lewis College and/or groups affiliated with Fort Lewis College. 

II. Policy 

    1. The establishment of fundraising priorities and oversight of private fundraising rests with the President.
    2. The President has delegated the responsibilities and administration of private fundraising activities to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement (VPIA). 
      1. The Division of Institutional Advancement and the Fort Lewis College Foundation are responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting programs to obtain private gift support.
          1. FLC schools, departments, programs, individual faculty and staff members, and other entities must coordinate all fundraising activities with Institutional Advancement.
      2. All private fundraising efforts must be approved in writing by the VPIA and coordinated through Institutional Advancement in accordance with practices and procedures as defined by Institutional Advancement and/or the FLC Foundation. 

    3. Exemptions
      1. This policy does not apply to normal student fundraising activities unless the fundraising activities involve a direct mail solicitation of alumni and friends of Fort Lewis College and/or requests for gifts of $1,000 or greater. 
      2. This policy does not apply to program applications or proposals coordinated through the Office of Sponsored Research. 

III. Acceptance, Recording and Acknowledging Gifts 

    1. All gifts to Fort Lewis College will be submitted to and accepted by the FLC Foundation, Inc., in accordance with the Gift Acceptance Policy. 
      1. Recording gifts, gift receipting for tax, donor stewardship, compliance with donor intent and relevant tax, gift reporting and related activities are the function and responsibility of the Office of Advancement Services housed within the Division of Institutional Advancement. 

IV. Responsibilities 

For following policy:  Faculty, staff, students and Fort Lewis College affiliates

For enforcement of policy: Vice President for Institutional Advancement

For oversight of policy: Vice President for Institutional Advancement

For notification:  Policy Librarian

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