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10-2: Campus Productions/Concerts

Issued: 7-03
Revised: 11-13


The objective of this policy is to assure consistency in all aspects of contracting, booking, producing, and promoting performances on the Fort Lewis College campus.


A. Definitions:

1. The Event Coordinator is any person or group planning a production or concert on campus, except for those productions listed in a, b, or c of paragraph B below.

2. The Manager is the Manager of the Community Concert Hall.

3. The Police Chief is the Fort Lewis College Police Chief.

B. All productions and concerts, including those proposed by student organizations, must be coordinated through the Manager. The only exceptions to this policy are: (a) performances conducted through the Theatre and Music Departments under the auspices of Fort Lewis College, (b) speakers engaged through College departments and student organizations, (c) bands for small venues (such as Homecoming Tailgate Party, local bands in the Amphitheater) whose costs are $1,000 or less, and (d) events arranged through the Student Programming Office.

C. When planning a production or concert, the Event Coordinator must first present a proposal to the Manager of the Community Concert Hall.

D. The Manager is the only person authorized to make contact regarding productions and concerts with outside agencies, artists, booking agents, etc. After reviewing the proposal, the Manager will make the necessary industry contacts, contract negotiations, ticketing, and all off-campus contacts related to the production.

E. If, after consulting with the Manager, the Event Coordinator elects to proceed with the show, that Event Coordinator is responsible for all on-campus production tasks under the supervision of the Manager.

F. There will be an administrative fee charged by the Community Concert Hall for the services outlined above. The Fee Schedule is available at the Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis College.

G. When deemed necessary by the Manager, security for the event shall be coordinated through the Police Chief. The Police Chief has final responsibility for decisions regarding security, including veto power (for example, when other colleges or organizations have had damage problems or security concerns with a group). The Police Chief, in consultation with the Manager, determines the amount of security needed for the event. The Event Coordinator must pay the full cost of security for the event.

H. PRIOR to approaching any potential sponsors, the Event Coordinator is required to present the proposal(s) for sponsorship and receive approval from the Fort Lewis College Development Council. (The Development Council is currently being organized to coordinate all fundraising activities for Fort Lewis College.)