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File: Business & Finance Policies / Finance and Administration Policies

Sale/Service of Non-Campus Dining Services Food

Policy Summary

This policy provides the exceptions to the use of Campus Dining Services for the sale and service of food on campus.

Policy Owner

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Approval Date

February 14, 2017

Effective Date

September 28, 2016

Search Terms

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Scheduled for Review

Fall 2021

Policy Statement

  1. General

    Fort Lewis College's Campus Dining Services (CDS) are provided by the College's exclusive food service contractor. The contractor holds exclusive rights to the sale and service of food in or on campus property.

    This policy acknowledges the contractual obligations between the College and CDS and the occasional needs for the College's registered student organizations and departments to sell and serve non-CDS food on campus property. This policy is a collaborative effort between the College and CDS to set out how non-CDS foods on campus property are sold or served.

    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the sale and service on non-CDS food and to promote safe food handling practices in selling or serving non-CDS food by non-CDS staff. Federal, State, and local laws and regulations must always be followed to sell or serve any food on campus.

    Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are allowed to spend no more than $50 per semester in Non-CDS food for events held on campus.

  2. Sales of Non-CDS Food
    1. Permission
      All groups requesting to sell food items must request permission no later than one week prior to the planned sale.  College departments (e.g., Native American Center, El Centro, and The Old Fort) that have recurring sales need to request this permission on a semester basis rather than on an individual sale basis.  Bake Sales do not need to submit “Permission to Sell or Serve” form.
    2. Bake Sale Items and Beverages
      1. Value added baked items or beverages can be reimbursed by their RSO group.  Non-value added baked items or beverages are not reimbursable. 
      2. Sample beverages (Red Bull, tea, coffee) may be served, not sold, at vending tables or scheduled events. 
  3. Service of Non-CDS Food 
    Campus Dining Services has the exclusive right to serve food on campus with the following exceptions: 
    • Events held at the Center of Southwest Studies (CSWS) that are directly related to the CSWS and initiated by the Director of the CSWS.  College events such as staff meetings, departmental receptions, academic class events, exhibit openings must utilize on campus catering.
    • Events held at the Community Concert Hall (CCH).
    • The outdoor space adjacent to the CSWS and CCH is exempt only when used in conjunction with CSWS or CCH events.
    • Athletic Concessions.
    • Gathering of fewer than 20 people when College funds are not used.
    • Technical riders for performers.
    • Campus programming events that have historically been exempted from this policy:  Real History of the Americas, Pueblo Feast and the President’s Holiday Potluck.

Reason for Policy 

To operationalize the exclusivity clause of the campus dining services contract. 


For following the policy: Entire campus

For enforcement of the policy: Director, Student Union

For oversight of the policy: Vice President for Finance & Administration  

For notification of policy: Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy: Director, Student Union


Bake sale items:  baked goods prepared in commercial or non-commercial kitchens.  Bake sales can consist of baked items that CDS sells, i.e.: cookies, cupcakes, and rice crispy treats.

  • Value added baked items:  a baked good made by hand with ingredients.
  • Non-value added baked items:  pre-made items purchased from a store.
  • Value added beverage items:  a beverage made by combining and/or cooking ingredients. Examples include: making coffee, horchata, apple cider, lemonade.
  • Non-value added beverages: pre-made or purchased beverages, i.e.: canned sodas, milk, bottled juices.  

College funds:  Any funds that have been deposited into College or Foundation accounts.

Event: A planned meeting, activity or program.

Temperature Sensitive Food:  Hot and cold food items needing to be held at specific safe temperatures for food safety.  These food items usually contain meat and/or dairy products.


  1. Sale of Non-CDS Food
    1. No later than one week prior to the planned sale, complete the form "Permission to Sell or Serve Non-Campus Dining Service Food", and submit to Student Union Office.
    2. For sale of temperature sensitive food at an event, at least one representative of the department or registered student organization must check out the resource information on safe food handling and preparation, review the information, and sign the form verifying that the information has been reviewed   At least one person who has reviewed the resource information must be present during the entire sale.  The start-to-end time of temperature sensitive food sale may not exceed two hours.  Safe food handling resources can be found here.
  2. Service of Non-CDS Food
    1. No later than One Week prior to event, complete the form "Permission to Sell or Serve Non-Campus Dining Service Food", and submit to Student Union Office, 164 SU. 
    2. Individuals bringing temperature-sensitive foods should ensure that safe food-handling techniques have been followed.
    3. Leadership Center staff will track spending of each RSO to ensure no more than $50 per semester is spent from non-CDS sources.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

  1. Violators will be held personally responsible for food items purchased outside of this policy.
  2. Violations may result in the loss of food sale privileges for up to one year, as determined by the Director of the Student Union, and/or (for Registered Student Organizations) referral to the College's judicial procedure, which could mean revocation of registered student organization status.

Revision History

The Sale and Service of Non-Campus Dining Food policy was originally issued November 2, 2015 and was revised February, 2016. The current version was approved by the President's Cabinet September 28, 2016 and allows registered student organizations to purchase non-campus dining food for events up to $50 per semester. Revised procedure (Request for Service of Alcoholic Beverages Form) approved by the Associate Vice president, Finance and Administration on February 14, 2017.