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Fort Lewis College students who want a career in social work may be able to complete both their bachelor’s and their Master of Social Work degrees in five years through the Fort Lewis College and University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work Cooperative Undergraduate/Graduate Degree program.

The program is open for application to Fort Lewis College students majoring in Anthropology, Psychology or Sociology/Human Services - General Option. Students must meet specific admissions criteria.

For the first three years in the program, students are undergraduates paying tuition to Fort Lewis College. During this time, at least 90 credits (at least 15 upper division) must be completed including all Liberal Arts Core requirements and the specific courses required by the major. 

In the fourth year of the program, students are at the level of undergraduate seniors at FLC but are also DU/GSSW graduate students. They are NOT enrolled at the College, but are enrolled in the University of Denver, DU Four Corners MSW program. All courses in this program are offered in Durango, Colorado. At the end of the fourth year, all University of Denver credits (30 semester credits) are transferred back to Fort Lewis College and used to complete the bachelor’s degree which is then awarded with an August graduation date.

In their fifth year, students are DU/GSSW graduate students. Their MSW degree is awarded after completion of this year.

The DU/GSSW program is a cohort based on a two-year cycle. Cooperative program students are only admitted at the beginning of each cohort. The next cycle begins Fall 2016. Applications for this cycle will be available in early September 2015 and are due by November 1, 2015.