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Conditional Admission / The Compass Program 

Policy identification number:
File: Enrollment Management

Policy Summary

This policy outlines the requirements of Fort Lewis College’s Conditional Admission program, also referred to as “The Compass Program.” 

Policy Owner

Dean of Enrollment Management

Approval Date

July 2023

Effective Date

July 1, 2023

Search Terms

Scheduled for Review


I. Policy Statement

  1. First-year undergraduate students who are conditionally admitted to Fort Lewis College must participate in the following elements of The Compass Program to meet the condition of their admission.   
    1. Complete a four-week Summer Bridge course in the August term preceding their fall enrollment. (Ex. Fall 2023 students must participate in the Summer Bridge course in August 2023, prior to the traditional start of the fall term) 
    2. Complete the one-credit student success course in the Spring semester of their first year (Ex. Fall 2023 students must complete the course in the Spring 2024 term) 

Upon completion of the summer bridge course and the spring term student success seminar, students will be fully admitted to the college.   

Students who do not meet the conditions of their admission will have their admission revoked and will be welcome to reapply to the institution for a subsequent semester as a transfer student. 

Students who do not complete their summer bridge course will be required to appeal to the Director of the Compass program in order to continue to the spring semester and be eligible to meet the condition of their admission.  This includes students who may drop the summer bridge course with permission from the Director of the Compass Program, or students who do not receive a passing grade in the course.   

II. Reason for Policy

Compliance with Federal Financial Aid regulations.

III. Responsibilities

For following the policy:  All conditionally admitted students must comply with this policy.  

For enforcement of the policy:  Director of Admission

For oversight of the policy:  Dean of Enrollment Management

For notification of policy:  Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy:  Director of the First-Year Experience, Director of Financial Aid and Director of Admission  

IV. Definitions

V. Procedures

VI. Cross-Referenced Policies

VII. Revision History

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