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4-6: Staff Study Privileges

Issued: 12-88
Revised: 01-14

 I.       PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy is to establish a study privileges program allowing Fort Lewis College employees the opportunity to take a limited number of courses where the tuition and mandatory student fees may be waived.  Further details regarding this policy are set forth in the Fort Lewis College Educational Assistance Plan.  This policy does not affect employees who are personally paying for tuition/fees to attend classes.


The authority to extend study privileges to employees is provided through Fort Lewis College fiscal rules (4-8.5) and through the Educational Assistance Plan, which allows the benefit to be tax-free to the employee.  In the event there is any conflict between the terms of this policy and the Educational Assistance Plan, the Educational Assistance Plan shall control.


The following policies must be followed when submitting a request to take courses under the Educational Assistance Plan:

A.    The employee must be an active eligible staff employee of Fort Lewis College as defined in the Educational Assistance Plan and determined by Human Resources.  The employee must have received satisfactory performance evaluations to be eligible for the program.  Spouses and dependents are not eligible.

B.    Prior to course registration, the employee must complete a Staff Study Privileges Form and obtain written approval from their supervisor to participate in the program, as well as the approval of the appropriate Vice President.  The employee's supervisor must approve taking time off during the work day to attend  class.  Administrative leave is not granted to participate in the program and the employee must make up the time taken to attend class or take leave (annual or comp time).

  C.  Employees must apply for admission to Fort Lewis College through the Office of
  Admissions and Advising and be admitted as a degree-seeking or unclassified
  student.  Once admitted, the employee must remain in good academic standing to 
  continue to participate in this program.

D.    Full-time employees are limited to eight (8) semester hours per calendar year with part-time employees limited to a proportional number of hours (e.g., half-time staff are eligible for four credit hours), rounded up to the next whole credit hour.  This benefit covers tuition and mandatory student fees (meals, lodging, transportation, textbooks, tools, supplies, equipment, course fees or lab fees are not covered) and the waiver amount will not exceed $5,250 per calendar year.  The employee is responsible for any associated costs that are not covered under this program.

E.     Enrollment is conditioned on course availability and in no event will a waiver be granted if enrollment will displace a tuition paying enrollee.  An employee who enrolls in a degree program that includes a cohort must not displace a tuition paying enrollee as of the first day of the program.

F.     This benefit may apply to graduate or undergraduate courses or any combination thereof. The benefit shall not apply to any course involving sports, games or hobbies, unless required for a degree as specified in a degree plan.  The waiver does not apply to Continuing Education courses. 

G.    Any employee who receives state or federal financial aid or scholarships will have the waiver reduced by the amount of the financial aid or scholarship.

H.    If the employee does not comply with the policy, the Educational Assistance Plan or the procedures for implementing this program, the employee will not be eligible to further participate in the program.

I.       An employee's participation in the program will terminate if their employment with Fort Lewis College is terminated for any reason including retirement or the employee does not maintain good academic standing.

J.      Fort Lewis College reserves the right to amend or terminate the Educational Assistance Plan at any time.


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